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Our Financial Consulting Services

Financial Consulting is all about improving a person’s state of financial wellness to a level that they can achieve their personal goals. Keeping the idea simple for people to appreciate and follow is key to the success of their financial wellness journey. 

Continuity Planning

Make sure that the financial legacy you have built will have the proper foundation to last several generations.

Retirement Planning

Prepare for your retirement, whether it by choice or by chance, by making the right investments for yourself today.

Financial Wellness

Know the right financial strategies that is best for your current life stage in order for you to achieve financial wellness.

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The first step is FREE, but the value of listening can be worth millions – in terms of time, talent, and treasure. Click the link below and head over to the Lazurite Capstone website or schedule a discussion with me directly.

Four Reasons for Joining Our Team

I am in control of my time in this team. It’s evidently financially rewarding and I’m happy to have a coach instead of a manager.

Jemila Sibal

HR Manager, Millenial

Since I can do this part-time, I can build my business and be guided by Coach Mike on how to do it effectively.

Japhet Segubre

IT Team Lead, Millenial

I’m the type of person who wants to do many things. I have a business of my own, but I also want to grow another one and also travel the world. I have these opportunities with this team.

Gichelle Adarayan

Businesswoman, Gen Z

In this team, I can feel Coach Mike’s desire to really help me grow and be successful. I am exposed to new roles and stretched to achieve, but also supported in my drive to  be happily successful.

Riza Badua

Full-time Mom, Millenial

Thoughts and insights

Things on My Mind


“I’m an impulsive buyer, but Mike’s guidance helped me organize my finances and allowed me to invest for my retirement fund.”

Christopher Ian O.
OFW QA Specialist
Atlanta, GA, USA


“I kept shrugging financial advisors off, because I felt they were just selling. With Mike, I felt his passion and desire to help. So, I got a couple for me and for my family.”

Valerie Jane Q.
Alabang, Philippines


“I have several policies, but I don’t remember why I got them. Mike helped me make sense of my investments and what else I need to get to my target retirement fund.”

Ryan Jerome G.
Software Architect 
Makati, Philippines

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Ayala Avenue, Makati City, PH
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