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Who are We Looking For

Junior Financial Consultants

This is open to people who want to make a positive influence in people’s financial journey. We’re looking for people who have a knack for connecting with people and have the integrity to provide quality financial services.

  • Mode: Part-Time
  • Requirements: 22 to 35 yrs old, College Graduate or Graduating
  • Compensation: Commission-Based
  • Applicable Courses: Business Administration, Sales and Marketing, Accountancy, Engineering, IT
  • Average Commission: 20,000 – 60,000 Monthly

Wealth Coach

¬†Coaches ask the right questions and help people realize the options that they want to take. And that’s what our Wealth Coaches offer since people pretty much have a good idea but need assistance in realizing their own paths. If you’re looking for a rewarding and fulfilling career, this is for you.

  • Mode: Part-Time/Full-Time
  • Requirements: 35 to 45 yrs old, 3 Years work experience
  • Compensation: Commission-Based
  • Applicable Fields: Business Owners, Online Sellers, Accountants, Engineers, IT Professionals
  • Average Compensation: 40,000 – 120,000 monthly

Perks & Benefits

Each team, unit and branch may be different since there are varying systems in place.

In Lazurite Capstone, we leverage on effective programs from our Lazurite Branch and added our own flavor to help our team members reach their dreams and aspirations.


Purposeful Onboarding Journey

Our onboarding is not just about filling up the forms. Rookies go through an onboarding journey that prepares them for the digital demands of this business.

Structured Trainings

Taking from our mother Lazurite unit, and we structured our trainings and huddles to empower and excite our teams to work smarter and passionately.

Experience-Driven Targets

We aim to excel at achieving our mission, but the experience of being in Lazurite Capstone matters as much. People get to choose their own goals and with proper guidance.


We firmly believe that coaching empowers people to use their skills more effectively. There will be mentors, but we use performance coaching to level up our efforts.

Healthcare and Insurance

HMO and Life Insurance are part of the fringe benefits we offer, and the amount of coverage depends on the level of production delivered by our team.

Flexible Work Locations

We are digital, which means that working remotely is an option that everyone enjoys. Our main office is at Cubao, which is used for meetings and staff work, but we will soon open an office in Metro Manila South.

Come Help Us Make Filipinos be more Financially HEALTHY.

With less than 70% of Filipinos having their personal financial plans, we have our work cut out for us. As most working class Filipinos are focused on simply working to sustain their daily lives, they fail to comprehend the need to be more well-rounded with their finances.

Core Values We Look For


We manage people’s finances. Integrity needs to be a core trait of any member of the team to protect people’s hard-earned money.


We help you discover the goals that you can achieve. We want people who are more than eager to reap the benefits of their efforts.


We make a difference in people’s lives. We want members who focus on the purpose of their work and the value they bring.

Pay Forward

This is a business of helping more people. We look for people who have a desire to pay their success forward and make a difference in society.


This is a business with unlimited potential for growth. We treat ourselves as small business owners who are out to build an empire.


We handle people’s information. We need members who can adhere to the Data Privacy Act to assure clients that we value their privacy.

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Let’s Work Together

Interested to join the mission in securing families’ lives? Send us a message and we’ll work out a schedule to meet with you at the soonest.

You can also send us an email directly to [email protected].


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