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As a financial consultant, I help you achieve your financial goals.

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Hi, I’m Mike! I’m here to help you with your finances so that you can achieve your life goals.

How I Became a Financial Consultant

I’m a family man with a loving wife and a beautiful little girl. I worked in the IT-BPM industry for 19 years as a UX Designer and I set up my own wedding photography business in 2011 before becoming a retirement coach in 2019.

But my story became interesting (and intense) in 2014.

When our little girl was born in 2014, it was a dream come true. We had one miscarriage, and we looked forward to having our own baby. So, imagine our excitement when she was born healthy and beautiful.

Sadly, nine days after giving birth, my wife suffered a major stroke at 5AM. When I picked her up from the bed to bring her to the hospital, her left arm and left leg were already limp, and she had a slur in her speech. At the hospital, she was forced into a coma and was brain was scanned.

We then learned that she suffered from a hemorrhagic stroke due to brain aneurysm. The amount of blood in her brain was around 11 mL above the threshold. It was bad, and she went through a craniotomy. 

She survived after 21 days in the ICU, and I was in the hospital with her every day while our little girl was at home being cared for by her grandparents.

After being discharged from the hospital, she had to take a slew of medicine, and we went to therapy almost every day until she could be more independent.

Why am I sharing this story?

Because it’s the reason why I shifted from IT and Photography, and took a dive into a career as a Financial Consultant and Retirement Coach. It was more than a side hustle for me.

My wife didn’t have Life and Health Insurance when she suffered a stroke. Because of that, our savings were severely affected, and we still owe our parents for the financial help they provided.

I don’t want other families and their savings to suffer the same fate. It is my desire to help people be financially prepared to get through similar crisis. This comes with also educating them how to effectively save and invest for their retirement or other financial goals.


My Beliefs as a Financial Consultant

We will all retire whether by chance or by choice.

Retirement is a fact of life as much as life itself. Many retire by choice, and it is usually at the mandatory retirement age. Some are even forced to retire earlier than others. But, we will all eventually retire when we pass away.

Retirement by Choice Needs more Preparation

When people choose to retire at a certain age, that means they want to get away from the need to earn for a living. Since the bills and expenses continue, people need to make sure their money can work for them by the time they retire. As a Retirement Coach, I help people see the gaps as well as the options to fill them.

We all need to protect our income from retirement by chance.

We cannot forecast when we will be forced to retire. It may be due to disability, critical illness, or even death. When that happens, no more income will come in. The family left behind will then have to find means to cope with all the expenses. This is where a Financial Consultant comes in.

Critical Illness can lead families to poverty.

Breast Cancer in its early stages will need at least PHP 360,000. Stroke can cost up to PHP 2 Million. Transplants cost up to around PHP 5 Million. Those with money may be able to afford it, but even they have insurance to cover the costs. Everyone can have critical illness protection. As a Financial Consultant with PruLifeUK, it is my duty to provide critical illness coverage to my clients.

The average Filipino knows how to spend, not save.

Filipinos love to try and outdo their friends and neighbors. This is the underlying reason why many spend so much on needless things just to be better than others. But they know they have to save and they have to start sooner than later. This is where this website and my being a financial consultant becomes useful. By sharing helpful information, I hope Filipinos can find more meaning in saving up for the rainy days and for their retirement.

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