Who Is Mike?


Financial wellness is just a means to an end. By being a retirement coach, it is my desire to help people reach their life goals through the methods, frameworks and products that I offer. As a coach, I am a partner throughout the journey to achieving such goals. 

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Financial wellness does not have an absolute formula for success. Instead, I use a firm system to assess, align, execute and monitor a person’s financial journey to achieve their goals. 


Investments and finances can get very technical, but it can be explained in simpler terms. I help people understand in a way they can relate to in order for them to be with me in their journey.

03. Steadfast

Financial wellness is a long journey for most people. As a coach, I am firm in my purpose and have an unwavering resolve to be with my clients and give them financial advice when necessary.

What matters most

Focus Areas

With all the financial plans and policies where clients have invested their money, there are evidently two focus areas: Income Protection and Wealth Accumulation.

These two areas are key to preparing people’s finances for retirement, whether it happens by chance or by choice.

As a coach, my underlying objective is to ensure that people have a good grasp of why and where they are investing their money. I help them align their financial goals with their life goals, and educate them on how they can fill the gaps.


with Income Protection


with Critical Illness


with Retirement Funding


Pure Investment

Proven Success

Awards and Recognition

Life Club PRO 16-STAR

This regional recognition from Prudential Corporation Asia (PCA) showcases the capability to consistently secure lives on a monthly basis. Coach Mike has 16 stars under his belt.



A global distinction given to the Top 3% of Financial Consultants worldwide. This recognition is a testament to the service quality and discipline of the best financial advisors.

Elite achiever

This award is given to financial consultants who produced a certain level of production for a single calendar year, which exhibits steadfast dedication to the mission of securing more Filipinos.

Lazurite District Life Insurance Agency
2F Spark Place, Cubao
Quezon City, Philippines, 1109


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