Legacy Continuity Planning

Using Keyman Insurance and Legacy Planning

You built your business. Design it to last for generations of your family.

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Family-owned businesses either grow into large empires and have an exit strategy, or they surpass several generations and be passed on to heirs upon heirs and continue to grow under the family. I work with those business owners who want to make sure their legacy grows within the family.

Protecting the Business and Leaders

Having worked with dozens of family business owners either for their company’s strategic planning or for the empowerment of their leaders to manage their workforce more effectively, I saw how they work hard to grow a legacy that they want to pass on to their children.

Growing a business entails years upon years of hard work, relationship building, operational and financial management, client management, and effective leadership.

It takes a strong set of headstrong leaders to grow an effective business and turn into an enterprise and a legacy that can be passed on to generations.

So, what is protecting your business legacy from the loss of these headstrong leaders?

After all, these leaders are exposed to the same health and life risks as any human being. They are probably exposed to more health risks due to the stress of running the business.

This is the reason why securing the business from the risk of losing business owners and leaders becomes critical for a legacy to survive.

The good thing is that there is a way to preserve your business legacy.

Keyman Insurance is not a new concept, but it is rarely offered and discussed due to the complexity of large sum insurance coverage.

I can make it simple for you, and we can hit two birds with one stone, because there are other business regulations that we can resolve through our keyman insurance offering.


Reasons why Keyman Insurance is the Solution

Businesses need a large budget for an Interim Leader

If a business owner holds a key leadership position, there is a good chance that the business operations of that department is dependent on that key leader. People with leadership skill to run that business function does not come cheap. In case the heirs are not ready to run the business, the company needs to hire an interim key leader.

Not all Heirs want to run the business

As much as business owners hope that their next generation will continue the legacy of the business, not all heirs want to take on the responsibility and may want to go on a different journey. Heirs of this situation will opt to sell their shares. For the ownership to remain in the family, the other heirs will need a fund to buy the shares from their co-heir.

Not all Family Members are ideal for the business

Business owners may have spouses and children. Legally, they become heirs and will own the corresponding share of the business in case a business owner passes away. If the spouse or children do not have a a good business sense, their presence in leadership may be detrimental to the business operations. The company will need funds to offer to buy the shares from the heirs and keep the ownership within the family.

Funds for Inheritance and Estate

Inheritance and estate taxes for business ownership shares are not cheap. The heirs will need funds to pass on the ownership to themselves, and keyman insurance is one way of shielding operational budgets from these risks.

Funds for Employee Retirement Programs and Expansions

I offer Keyman Insurance bundled with Variable Unit Linked (VUL) funds, which is an ideal bonus to the guaranteed benefit. The funds that will grow while keeping the life insurance benefit for key leaders in force can be used to fund retirement programs and business expansion plans.

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