7 Online Courses to prepare us for post-covid society
June 08, 2020 | Mike Togle

Let’s face it. We’ve been in this Hyper-Normal situation since the start of the quarantines and lockdowns, and sociologists are seeing many changes that may be more permanent. Since we all have first hand experience on how people are trying to adapt, learning new skills through online courses is the best way to prepare ourselves more efficiently.

But with everything that we need to learn, which ones are most important?

The answer to this will be relative to the situation every person is experiencing. One person may have lost their job and was forced to do business. Another person may not have access to cooked food and was forced to have food delivered. Some may have been forced to learn to cook.

Bottomline is we need various skills to get through and get ahead.

And there are a lot of online courses available. We just need to find them.

I went ahead and looked around for different online courses, which I either attended or are on my to-attend list. These are topics that even my life mentors have advised me to attend so I’m sharing this with you guys.



Online Courses that are FREE.

Who doesn’t like free stuff? Most of the online courses I listed are awesome, and they’re all free to attend. Just register and wait for the schedule. Then, you’re all set to absorb and gain new skills!

Some will say that it’s better to go for paid courses and have skin-in-the-game, but when you’re checking out new skills, it’s best to get your feet wet first. Once you feel the need to enhance your skill further, then look for the specialized courses.

Okay, let’s get to the list!

Online Course 1. Psychological First Aid

Many lives were disrupted by the pandemic, and people have different reactions to change. This online course from John Hopkins University through Coursera is designed to equip people with the skills to listen, assess, and mitigate distress and disfunction using their model. This is a valuable skill either to help others or for self-care.

Online Course 2. Creative Problem Solving

We’re set to face many challenges after the pandemic. A lot of businesses will be rebuilding and some may even need to re-strategize. And when you’re climbing back up from a disruptive situation, you need to be creative; you need to align your solutions to your market. Design Thinking may be one of the methods to use, but you can also start with understanding Creative Problem Solving.

Online Course 3. Agile Innovation and Problem Solving Skills

Since you got your feet wet with Creative Problem Solving, the next step is innovation and implementation. The Agile way has been tried and tested to produce good results over time, and it’s the best way to implement new solutions in a still-adjusting market. Here’s an online course from Edx on Agile Solutions for Greater Innovation.

Online Course 4. Cooking

A lot of people upskilled this skill during the pandemic. Once the COVID19 threat is over, why don’t you keep it up? If you try and look closely, your household expenses should have gone down because you either cooked your own meals or you bought from someone who sold homemade meals. Here are some Cooking Courses for you to check out, but you can always order from online food stores like Calliariah Food Shop.

Online Course 5. Urban Farming

Of course, if you plan to cook your own food, you’ll need fresh produce. You have the direct-to-farmer options that have been more available since the pandemic started, but you can always grow your own. Check out the Urban Farming eLearning Course from the government.

Online Course 6. Financial Wellness

One thing that has been consistently evident with everyone, whether it be business or for individuals, is that financials were disrupted. People who were affected either lost their jobs or had reduced pay because their employers were affected by the pandemic. On the upside, those who had stable jobs had lesser expenses because of their Work-From-Home setup. In either case, it’s important to know how to manage your finances now rather than wait for another disruption once things change again into the new normal. If you’re a group or an individual, you can contact me to run this for you for FREE.

Online Course 7. Social Media Marketing

In a Hyper-Connected society, social media will play a major role in the survival of any business. Before the pandemic, not all industries needed social media marketing, because they were either purely B2B or their business models relied on resellers. Because of the pandemic, people got trained to use social media for almost every aspect of daily living. Now, there are a ton of social media marketing courses out there, and you can try out this one from Coursera, or this one from Hubspot.


Know what you have to do, and how to do it. Then, work from there.”

Mike Togle, Retirement Coach


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