March 22, 2023 | Mike Togle

Sixth time to be in the newspaper as a Wealth Coach! And the experience is still so surreal.

Since I started working in corporate in the early 2000s, I wouldn’t have thought that I’d have my name in the newspaper alongside so many other talented people. I was happy to be in the background working on systems, platforms, and programs.

Although, who wouldn’t want to have their success and efforts as a Wealth Coach be recognized for the entire nation to see, right?

The first time I was on the newspaper was in 2020 when I was recognized for my first Elite Achiever qualification. The recognition was dubbed CEO Circle back then. Then, in 2021, I appeared in the papers twice — once as a Senior Achiever and another as an MDRT. Last year, I was again recognized as an Elite Achiever then an MDRT as well.

And this particular recognition is for my Elite Achiever qualification. I keep missing to buy a copy of the physical newspaper from Philippine Daily Inquirer though (anyone have a copy of last Sunday’s paper? March 19 yun). That’s why I really appreciate these digital versions of the paper where I can at least remember these moments.

Thank you to my clients, my friends, and my family for all the support. Thank you to all my followers, who have grown throughout the last two years. I really appreciate you guys for engaging me, messaging me, and sharing my content.

Thank you to my team, my coachees, and my mentees for always being a happy source of energy for me to keep pushing myself to not only achieve my goals, but to also inspire you guys to keep going. Together, we can plot your course to becoming premium and elite wealth coaches as well.

Thank you to my mentors for all the guidance! 2022 was a thrill to go through, and I experienced a lot, and I learned a lot from you all. How I am as a Wealth Coach and Financial Consultant is largely influenced by you.

Last, but definitely not the least, thank you God for the energy, the silent messages, the whispers through the Holy Spirit, and the divine guidance. There were a lot of times I would’ve given up on some goals, but You were always there to give me a sign and nudge the right people along my way.

To God be the GLORY!


Recognition Poster for being an Elite Wealth Coach


“We don’t aim for recognition, but we appreciate being recognized for our hard-fought efforts.”

Mike Togle, Retirement Coach


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