5 Tips on How To End Your Work Week During Quarantine
May 22, 2020 | Mike Togle

Congratulations! You did a lot of tasks during this work week. Many of us who still have jobs right now probably did our best; maybe even more. There are those who have not yet adjusted their work schedules to a work from home environment, and that can be quite taxing. Work fatigue is something that people have to be careful of nowadays. This is most true when many leaders are not yet used to this situation and expect their team members to be always available.

Even amid all these changes and the challenges that go with it, we always have to close our work week.

And what better way to do it than on a positive note, right?

If you haven’t established it yet by now, here are 5 tips on how to go about ending your work week on a positive note.


TAPOS Work Week

Using the Filipino word for “end” or “done”, here’s an easy to remeber acronym for you to use to remember these tips. For those who are unfamiliar, the word is “tapos.”

Thank someone who helped you this work week.

Many of us work in teams and we also collaborate with other teams; sometimes even with our clients. You may have finished all your tasks and you couldn’t have done them all without the help of your teammates or the support of other people. Remember that they’ve been part of your success. By thanking them, you acknowledge the help they gave, their contribution, and you made them feel better. In turn, I guarantee that you’ll feel more positive.

Allocate time to talk to a friend.

You may be on a work-from-home setup and cooped up at home with family. In such a setup, time can be hard to monitor and work hours tend to extend. Even your boss may still be working, right? As the week ends, allocate some time to talk to a friend. Schedule an online hangout get together every week. The best tip is it shouldn’t be about work so you get to feed your mind with external thoughts, ideas, and sharings from your friends. You can even play games on Zoom!

Pay it FORWARD. Anything will do.

Helping others is an exhilarating feeling. It boosts your body and mind with positive energy plus you infect others as well. It doesn’t have to be something big. During the quarantine, there have been several donation drives for our less-fortunate brothers and sisters. You can join those, or you can simply help a neighbor in need. It can be as simple as making someone smile. Pay it forward because you survived a work week.  

Organize your next week’s schedule.

Uncertainty can make you anxious, did you know that? And an uncertain schedule for the following week can be daunting. What will you do? Do you have something to finish? For those who have a laundry list of tasks, this will be much easier to do. Freelancers and people in sales (like me) need to fill their schedules with green activities to keep their days organized. Green activities are also important, but they can be set aside if something more important comes along. Try it. Just organize your schedule for the following week.

Spend time with family.

You’ve been busy almost the entire week. Admit it! In a work-from-home setup, it’s hard to limit your work hours to just 9 hours. And even if we say that we’re always at home with family, it isn’t the same to them when they can’t disturb your work. By the end of the week, your family looks forward to being with you. And you should! Spend time with your family because, ultimately, they’re the reason why you’re working so hard.


“Ending your work week on a positive note is as important as starting it with excitement and gusto.”

Mike Togle, Retirement Coach


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